Research Program Overview

Cancer is primarily a signalling disease that arises as a consequence of errors in the signalling road maps used by cells in the different organs of the human body.  Our laboratory focusses on identifying the signalling mistakes responsible for causing some blood cell diseases such as acute myeloid leukaemia and myeloproliferative neoplasms, and some solid cancers such as breast cancer. As one of the processes underpinning cancer is chronic inflammation, our lab also focusses on how blood cell activation can be restrained, particularly in the lung (asthma) and the upper respiratory tract (nasal polyposis).

Our work is made possible thanks to our established close collaborations with our pathology consultant colleagues and scientists in SA Pathology, clinical colleagues at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and colleagues at the University of Adelaide, UniSA and SAHMRI.

As we generate new insights into the causes of cancer and the underlying inflammatory processes, we continue to translate these into the development of new diagnostics and potential new treatments in collaboration with the international pharmaceutical industry such as CSL.

Our vision is that a deep understanding of the errors of cell signalling in cancer and in chronic inflammation is the key to optimal long term clinical management of disease and potentially the development of cures.

Current Research Projects

  • Biasing cell signalling by the engineering of novel biologics;
  • Structural, molecular and signalling characterisation of the IL-5 receptor and it’s function in the upper and lower respiratory tracts;
  • Establishing the transcriptional programs that determine cell fate in haemopoiesis and leukaemia;
  • A novel, neoepitope-directed strategy to selectively eliminate pathogenic clones in young adults with myelofibrosis;
  • Harnessing the tumour microenvironment to better diagnose and treat breast cancer.

Laboratory staff


Laboratory head

Angel Lopez
Adjunct Professor, Centre for Cancer Biology
HB11-10, City West Campus

Team Members

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

Researcn and technical assistants


  • Ms Sepideh Azizi Taramsary (supervised by Dr Tvorogov)

Select Recent Publications

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