The Centre for Cancer Biology Cytometry Facility is a purpose-built suite that houses two high-end multiparameter flow cytometers, Gallios and Fortessa, and a state-of-the-art MoFlo Astrios cell sorter. Flow cytometry is a fundamental technique which is used by CCB scientists to identify, characterise mixed populations of cells, chromosomes, yeast and numerous other small ‘particles’. Cells or particles of interest can be identified and subsequently sorted out from a mixture by using fluorescent reagents that react with specific components on the surface or within the cells. During 2017 the facility processed 23,000 flow cytometry tests and assessed over 700 samples for cell sorting.





In 2017 the MoFlo Astrios cell sorter was upgraded to provide enhanced sensitivity, enabling the detection and sorting of particles smaller than 200nm. Identification and isolation of nanopoarticles is invaluable to driving examination of extracellular vesicles and the role they play in cell-to-cell communication and signalling in health and disease.  Uniquely in South Australia, the Astrios is certified for the sorting of PC2 classified samples, including infectious samples, with the instrument housed within a fully certified biosafety hood, offering improved operator protection.

MoFlo Astrios 

An additional Aria II cell-sorter is based at SA Pathology, and is dedicated to evaluation of cell chimerism of marrow recipients to assess the efficacy of transplant of leukaemia and lymphoma patients. During 2017, the chimerism assay test was elevated to become a front-line test to improve monitoring and subsequent treatment of bone marrow transplant patients.  To this end 174 patient samples were sorted for the Cell Therapies Laboratory.

The specialist staff within the Facility provide comprehensive training and education, protocol guidance and experimental design assistance, to ensure the best experimental outcomes and the generation and interpretation of quality, reproducible data. The facilities provide flow cytometry and cell sorting services of both human and animal samples to CCB researchers, SA Pathology researchers and diagnostic services, and to the broader scientific community of South Australia.


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Facility Personnel

Facility Manager

Bradley Chereda
Senior Research Officer: Flow Cytometry, Centre for Cancer Biology
HB9-25, City West Campus