The ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility has expertise in a wide range of Sequencing, Microarray and related applications. Please contact the Facility (Rob King, 8222 3966, for more information or to enquire about any applications not listed below.


Sample type

Sanger Sequencing

Amplicon DNA, Plasmid DNA

DNA, primers

NGS - DNA sequencing

Whole genome sequencing

Genomic DNA

Whole exome sequencing

Genomic DNA

Targeted DNA sequencing (pre-designed gene panels, germline and somatic)

Genomic DNA

TruSight Oncology 500 panel sequencing

FFPE tissue DNA and RNA

Targeted DNA sequencing (custom)

Genomic DNA

ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq

Prepared DNA

Long read genome sequencing (Oxford Nanopore, PacBio)

Genomic DNA

Long read amplicon sequencing (Oxford Nanopore, PacBio)


NGS - RNA sequencing

mRNA sequencing (polyA+)

Total RNA

Whole transcriptome sequencing (rRNA/globin depleted)

Total RNA

Small RNA (eg miRNA) sequencing

Total RNA

Targeted RNA sequencing (custom)

Total RNA


Prepared RNA or prepared cDNA

NGS - Single Cell Sequencing

Single Cell Gene Expression (10X Genomics)

Prepared cells

Single Cell Immune Profiling (10X Genomics)

Prepared cells

Feature Barcoding/CITE-seq (10X/Biolegend TotalSeq applications)

Prepared cells

Single Cell ATAC-seq (10X Genomics)

Prepared cells

NGS – Spatial Transcriptomics

10X Genomics Visium


NGS - Sequencing only

Sequencing of client-prepared libraries

Libraries (Illumina or PacBio)

Microarray services

Illumina BeadChip (eg Global Screening Array, CytoSNP arrays, MethylationEPIC)

Genomic DNA

GeneChip (Affymetrix/ThermoFisher) Gene Expression Arrays (cartridge format)

Total RNA


Fluidigm Biomark qPCR analysis

Total RNA

Custom Library Preparation

Please enquire


Sample QC

DNA or RNA analysis (PerkinElmer LabChip GX, Agilent Bioanalyzer)


Genomic DNA analysis (Agilent FemtoPulse)

Genomic DNA

Long read library analysis (Agilent FemtoPulse)

Library DNA